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Thank you both for your kind gift following the birth of Gabriella!! A big thanks for all of your fantastic customer service both during my pregnancy and beyond.....
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Sleepi Spaces Moses Bassinet

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2010-07-30 -

Sleepi Spaces Moses Bassinet  

The woven basket is made in Morocco and is imported into Australia. The liner, sheets, blanket and mattress protectors are made in Sydney. The Mattress is made by Anstel in Brisbane who make BabySafe SIDS approved mattresses.

Sleepi Spaces moses bassinets and stands are very safe and are manufactured to meet ‘Child care articles- Carry cots and stands – Safety requirement and test methods’ BS EN 1466:2004 + A1:2007. This is a British Standard.
The Australian Standards do not have their own guidelines and regulations to meet the specifications of a Moses Basket. Australian Standards advises Australian Manufacturere and/or importers of Moses Baskets to follow the British Standards. Moses Baskets have long been used throughout the UK and Europe and their standards stringently tested.
Sleepi Spaces issues ‘Instructions for Safe Use’ with every basket sold. Please ensure that your customer is fully aware of the instruction sheet, if the sheet is missing, please advise me. I can also provide you with additional ‘Instructions for Safe Use’ as back up copies.

To prevent fall hazards, do not use the moses basket when the infant begins to push up on hands or knees or has reached the recommended maximum weight if 7.3kgs. Sleepi Spaces recommends use for 3-4 months of age.

It is advised that you so not carry your baby while in the basket. Australian Safety Standards recommend that babies are only carried in a 5 point harness. Inevitably mothers will carry their baby in the basket, and the British standards require the basket to be manufactured to be able to do so. Always advise that the basket should be carried with hands on the base, rather than the handles if they do so choose to carry the baby in the basket. 

The moses basket is sold as a set, and includes:
- The Moroccan maise moses basket
- The Sleepi Spaces designer liner
- 1x matching minky blanket
- 1 x baby safe mattress
- 1 x fitted sheet
- 1 x mattress protector
- 1 x Large Storage and moisture protection bag 

Moses baskets have been the favoured choice of bedding for newborns in Europe, the UK and America for many years. However, moses baskets have proven to be a popular choice for new mum’s in Australia and the range and design choices of Moses Baskets is now growing. As an interior designer I was becoming tired of buying baskets and bassinets and having them recovered to suit the more modern and contemporary nursery.

Using a moses basket with your newborn (especially first time mums) gives you the comfort of having the baby with you, where ever you are. Be it in the kitchen, the backyard or in bed. The moses basket is so portable and easy to move with you.

When its time for the baby to advance to the cot, simply place the moses basket into the cot – this helps the baby adjust to the new environment, whilst still secure in a familiar one.

And lets face it, its all about kiddie couture and Sleepi Spaces are loved for their stylish, modern and bright fabrics.

The Sleepi Spaces Bassinet stand was designed so that when you were in bed or on the couch you can see the baby sleep. This is particularly favoured again by first time mums. Why have a stand that is so high you cant see in it, forever up and down making sure that your precious little one is safe. The stand is at a height that enables eye contact while you sit or lay. Its also nice to be able to place your hand in and sooth the baby whilst remaining sitting or laying.

Now available to purchase at or pop into the store at 60 Portman Street, Oakleigh to view this fabulous product!!!


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