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Facebook Marketing for My Small Business

Are you still on the fence about social media marketing? If you are still wondering whether Facebook and other social media applications deserve some marketing attention, wonder no longer.

Here are just a few numbers you should know:

  • 2 billion users worldwide
  • 1.15 billion daily mobile users
  • One third of the users are in the 24-35 year old demographic
  • 50% of 18-24 year old’s hit Facebook as soon as they wake up

As a society, we have become internet dependent, which means people turn to the web browser for everything from advice to shopping.

Lifestyle Shift

The way we live our lives is changing. Where once we obtained all information from television, radio or newspapers, we now rely more heavily on the internet. Where people once watched television (with its commercials) people are turning to Netflix and other streaming options, which means limited or no commercials depending on the package selected.

People are on the go and they want their content Mcdonalds style, My way right away! Cue Facebook! Individuals are logging on and checking in multiple times per day and when they want to find a local product or service, guess where they are looking for answers? Social Media, and in particular, Facebook. Only Digital are marketing experts in Australia and have helped huge brands with their digital marketing strategies including search optimisation, Adwords and Social.

Word of Mouth in the New World

Remember when you could depend on your regular customers spreading the good word to their friends and family? Word of mouth advertising has been a staple marketing angle for generations. Today, word of mouth reaches far beyond the back fence or familial connections. Individuals on Facebook may have “friends” from all over they have never met in person, they friend each other on the social media for a variety of reasons and as long as everyone plays nice, they generally leave the connections alone.

What does this mean for small business? You need a social media presence, yesterday!

Business Page Basics

Creating your social media presence is not difficult and will not cost you a dime. It is important that you complete your business information completely including address, phone number, business hours and any other pertinent information about your business (whether you accept credit cards, offer credit, etc…) Stick to a well done image of your business or premium product line.


Once you have your page set up, it is time to gather your customers or potential customers. There are multiple ways you can accomplish this goal. Start with a quick giveaway contest where people must like and share a video, coupon code or live video link.

Final Thoughts

Once you have a good number of followers on Facebook, you need to set a schedule to regularly reach out, either with advice, promotions, coupons or a new product release. Whether you are marketing Brisbane or Biloxi, social media is the place you need to be!

A Strategic Approach Towards Online Marketing

Digital marketing has to do with building real-time connections with and marketing to real people who are motivated to do something about it through value and stories that a brand name deal. Well-thought-out digital marketing techniques assists a business in creating a strategy and take ideal choices needed to be effective online; it is essential to have a technique in place in order to produce optimal outcomes. Depending upon the needs and nature of your business, a masterfully crafted online method can help attain numerous business objectives from list building to increase in earnings. Following are some fundamental and very essential actions to develop a successful internet marketing method for a business:

Understand your audience

It is absurd to market an item without understanding the needs and interests of its customers. Building purchasers’ personality is essential to get a clear photo of your perfect consumers. Presumptions do not truly work when it concerns building a long-lasting internet marketing method. The details needed while doing so must be based upon real information. Age, place, interests, earnings, difficulties, and top priorities of your audience will help you understand your consumers and construct an appropriate and reliable marketing method.

Specify your objectives and tools

Marketing objectives can be specified by taking into consideration your essential business objectives. Increasing income online is the supreme objective of nearly every business leveraging digital channels to enhance its bottom line. It is vital to have significant tools in place in order to determine the efficiency of your digital marketing efforts. Locating crucial metrics assists a business enhance and change its method in accordance with future needs and difficulties.

Research the efficiency of your internet marketing properties

You can include aspects of owned, made, and paid media into your digital marketing technique. Owned media: your website, social profiles, and content are aspects you have complete control over. Owned media also consist of off-site content in kind of posts and blog sites. Made media describes the acknowledgment and direct exposure a business makes through word-of-mouth. And, paid media, as the name recommends, describes the direct exposure a business gain as an outcome of paid marketing activities such as Google AdWords.

An effective internet marketing technique requires a well-balanced use of all the channels. You ought to evaluate, audit, and determine the efficiency of your digital possessions to create optimum ROI.

Once you have actually gone through the research and examination procedure and have a clear vision of the components that are going to govern your technique, it’s time to bring all of it together and record the series of actions you are going to require to accomplish your business objectives.

Best Digital Marketing Services for Growing Your Business

Digital marketing businesses are growing nowadays, because people have changed their way of browsing and purchasing. Digital marketing businesses work according to the customer’s requirement; they understand the nature of business and work appropriately. These companies ought to create distinct and ingenious concepts to update the company’s brand name image. Digital marketing needs different activities like SEO, SMO, Content Management, Adwords and so on. These companies evaluate the company’s marketing technique and establish a plan according to the technique. They generally use every digital platform for branding the company. These businesses also establish a responsive website for a company so that they can provide information about the company. The website offers credibility to the company at the digital level. Nowadays, most significant companies look for help from digital marketing companies to increase digital sales. These businesses also evaluate the company’s Google ranking and work appropriately.

Content Marketing

Content marketing intends to draw in and maintain customers in order to constantly construct and take in appropriate and important posts with the intent of altering or enhancing the habits of customers. Effective content is passing the ideal message to your clients at the correct time.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the procedure of increasing the natural ranking of the website with significant search engine result on the online search engine. The procedure of enhancing an effective search engine optimization (SEO) projectinvolves thoroughly choosing appropriate keywords that make the on-page optimization popular for online search engine algorithms.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing means social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Blog – the procedure of website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media network platforms enable people to engage with each other and develop relationships with clients. SMM basically consists of activities, consisting of social sharing of short articles, videos and images for marketing functions.

Email Marketing

Send out newsletters, produce terrific e-mail projects, and correspond with your contacts and customers. Email marketing is a crucial Internet marketing tool, with no effective online marketing effort, consisting of database or bulk e-mail marketing and newsletter services have actually not been finished.

So when the time comes that you’ll decide to have online marketing done for your business, make sure you have this list.

The Best Ways to Transform Your Website Traffic into Clients

Basically, no one will purchase from you on their first lookat your website. That truth applies to all online companies, not just yours. The thing is, that person is attempting to get to know you. They wish to figure out if, in their minds, your service or products bring value to their life.

So once that someone does land onto your website, how do you transform them into a customer?

Offer Valuable Information on Your Website

There are typically 2 primary needs on which almost all purchasing options are made. People wish to stop discomfort, or getpleasure. If your website content shows to your audience how your service or products can stop discomfort (and preferably at the same time supply satisfaction) it’s the primary step to transform your website traffic into consumers. 

Get Their Email Address

Once a website visitor has seen the info on your website, they will more than likely dive to another website or social media network to see what else is on deal. Rather than just hoping they’ll return to you website at some time in the future, you wish to get their e-mail address by providing an enticing, high-value list, report or eBook free of charge that offers more details on resolving a huge issue in the lives of your target market.

Establish Your Email Autoresponder

Once your website visitor has supplied you with their e-mail address, use an autoresponder software application to send out a “Thank You” e-mail. This e-mail includes a link to download your free deal right away after someone enters their e-mail address into your opt-in box.

Offer More Value

You can now use e-mail to construct a relationship with your prospect to transform your website traffic into a customer. Following your “Thank You” e-mail, send 5 to 6 appealing e-mails that continue to provide great deals of important content pertinent to your market. Discuss to your audience about what issues in their life you’re going to solve. Inform them what they need to provide for you to fix them, and then follow through on your pledge.

Request the Sale

Request for a sale, but only after you have established a relationship with your audience. You need to have a call to action eventually. At the end of your initial 5 to 6 e-mail autoresponder series, you can make a low-end deal that is practically too great to miss. On the back end of that deal, you make a greater one time deal (OTO) that fits with the low-end purchase.

This is where a high-value item for a decent rate makes all your work reliable, and will turn your website site traffic into sales.